The painting media is Magna on canvas and measures 172.7 x 173 cm (68 x 68 1/8 inches). This was a superior quality oil painting that was well laid out by Roy Lichtenstein.

The artist used contrasting and bright colors in the painting which captures the eyes of the viewer. There is also a mixture of both cool and warm colors with bold outlines that bring a strong look to the painting.

Thinking of him painting gives the viewer a romantic sense when ones keenly looks at the lady in the painting. Roy Lichtenstein painted the lady with a tear dropping from one eye and a man in the thoughts of the lady. Therefore, this was a perfect title for the painting as it directly shows that the lady is deeply thinking and concerned about a certain man in her life. The use of warm colors and colors also give the painting a romantic mood together with the use of contrasting colors and bright colors.

However, from the painting, it is not possible to indicate whether the man in the picture is the husband or fiance of the lady with a tear drop. Roy Lichtenstein left this part for the viewer to judge. The main theme depicted in the painting is the theme of love and romance. It is a clear indication that the lady in the painting is lovely and beautiful. The man who is also crisscrossing her thoughts from the painting, he is handsome and looks educated. He is clad in a red tie and a blue suit. By all looks, he looks a good man and the lady cannot stop thinking about him.

The painting also shows that the lady is a real person while the man is just an image in the ladies mind. Therefore it is not clear real whether the lady is thinking about a real person she has ever seen in life or she is only imagining how her man should look like. Roy Lichtenstein used all these features in the painting as they make the painting more interesting and meaningful. The image captures the mind of the intended audience very well as these thoughts go through the mind of the viewer but what stand out most is the theme of love and romance that Roy Lichtenstein wanted to depict through the painting.