The original painting current location is Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien (MUMOK), Vienna, Austria. Lichtenstein used the twentieth century futurist Carlo Carra’s in the 1913 watercolor painting Red Horseman. Lichtenstein in the Red Horseman painting used an image that depicts the Futurist movements, particularly the fascination with the underlying forces of the speed and its incomparable glorification in connection with the war.

In the Red Horseman painting the artist has used bright and cool colors to bring out the intended theme in the painting. The Horse man is painted in white and blue colors to depict a man who is ready to journey long distance because of war.

The artist used several color combination that give the painting a bright look. The artist used white and brown color to paint the horse and white and blue color to paint the horseman with yellow color for background. The painting at a closer look depicts several horse men ridding their horses but this was a technique the artist used in order to make the painting more attractive.

The author also painted the horseman in full war combat and the horse on the move. Roy Lichtenstein wanted the theme of war and speed to be clear in this painting while maintaining its comical nature.

A closer look at the Red Horseman painting shows that Roy Lichtenstein viewed several early modern movements with futurism included, to be freighted with political manifestos and social issues. For example, in this painting, he took the opportunity to use the painting to capture the movement ideas and depriving it the political agenda.

Roy Lichtenstein used the Red Horseman painting to make his work more like an imitation of the political movement while at the same time giving himself a room to pass his own message through the paintings.

He took the futurist imagery and worked on the Red Horseman painting to create his own formal vocabulary. He increased the original scale, changed some colors with bright and cool colors and anchored the painting to the canvas with a network of intersecting black vectors. He also improve the overall quality of the painting. In this extraordinary painting one dazzling painting recalls the other.