This painting is a key element of Lichtenstein's series of female portraits, captured in the early to mid 1960s. They would be based on cropped reproductions of some of the artist's personal comic book collection. Warhol and Lichtenstein brought us the extraordinary idea of using mass produced items as inspiration and content for personal artwork. This had not been seen before and immediately drew attention to this new art movement. For Lichtenstein there was Sleeping Girl, whilst for Warhol there was his series of Campbell's Soup Cans. Whilst this artist protrayed women in a remote, unfamiliar sense, most other artists would specifically speak to the viewer about their own portrait choices. Lichtenstein however was aiming to send a message about society in general rather than simply reproducing the appearance of his topic. Traditional and modern artists have both taken on specific women in their work, often choosing subjects who were particularly important to them on a personal level. For example, Picasso produced portraits of lovers and friends as seen in XXX, XXX and XXX.