The painting measures 50 x 72 in.(127 x 182.8 cm.). The artist used dark color on the painting and some white patches. The painting seductive girl depicts a beautiful lady lying on her back with long hair and placing one hand on her head.

As the painting name goes‘seductive girl,the artist used this posture to bring out the main theme of seduction in the painting. The lady in the painting seductive girl is has a bare chest exposing her left breast.

The artist used dots and white and black color to hide the first impression of nudity in the painting but a after a close look, the viewer is able to get the true meaning of the painting.

The seductive girl painting, conformed to the current trends of the time as women would do many things in order to seduce men. The woman in this painting looks extremely beautiful with eyes and lips that makes the view ever to fall in love with the painting.

Seductive girl painting can have different meaning to the viewer depending on their age and their background. For young people, this painting depicts modern young women who are ready to expose their body parts in order to attract potential partners in a more seductive way.

For older people, the painting can depict immorality within the society but it also makes them to reflect back to their youth time. However, the overall theme of the seductive girl painting is love romance and seduction. The artist used black color in the painting which clearly brings out the theme of seduction in the painting. Seduction is viewed differently in the society and to some extend it is viewed as something bad. Therefore the artist used black color in the painting so that viewers who search for the hidden meaning in the painting.

The overall look of the painting is great. The artist is able to pass his message to the viewer because of the styles he used in the painting. The choosing of the painting title and color was also great. The painting is great to look at and it gives the viewer a close look at what is currently happened in the society. The painting directly communicates to the viewer and the artist really did great work on it.