Comic strips were the inspiration for this artist's dotted compositions, reversing the machine run printing press with handmade contemporary artwork.

Artist Lichtenstein used glamorous women to get across his own views on the state of American society during the 1960s. He frequently reproduced cliched prints as cropped paintings.

One consistent aspect to all of those found in this section are bold lines to form shape, filled with clear colour, from a very limited pallette.

Yellows, reds and blues would dominate the focus, with various levels of grayscale filling in the rest of each artwork.

Captions were key to many of this artist's work. It would contain the message, or a suggestion at the meaning behind the seemingly simple composition. He would sometimes remove or alter the original captions from the comic strip in order to get exactly the feel that he wanted.

The use of commercial products and advertising as the inspiration for creative artwork was new and a key element to the Pop Art movement. Warhol's Campbell Soup Cans are another example of this.