Glamorous women in troubled city lives crop up frequently in Lichtenstein's pop art work, and M-Maybe is one of the most famous examples of that.

Lichtenstein was an artist, like so many others, who would find a preferred colour scheme and use it repeatedly over an extended period of time. Similar examples would be Mondrian in his bright, abstract compositions, as well as Picasso who had his blue and purple periods.

Certain elements of the canvas would have added detail through benday dots, such as gradients of skin or shadow. Whilst glamorous, women would often be depicted as vulnerable, with the lady in this painting having been stood up by her lover and making up reasons in her own mind for his absence.

The American Pop artist liked to create these scenarios which left the viewer wondering. Where was her lover, and was their relationship in jeopardy?

This method of suggesting and stories, without following them through was a unique idea and something which added interest to Lichtenstein's career, and the Pop Art movement more generally.