Roy Lichtenstein took an image from the comic Girls' Romances for his latest Pop Art scene. Romance takes centre stage, as was frequent in this period of his career. The artist would tend to amend any thought bubbles in order to take full control over the message that his work would deliver. The original comic illustration had a thought bubble caption of, 'I vowed to myself I would not miss my appointment - That I would not go riding with him - Yet before I knew it...' Creating an accurate but customised version in his multiple dot style required an enlarged canvas from the original. The artist sought to underline America's society as a collection of cliches. In many ways, it remains so today. The artist would tend to crop the original posters and photographs, adding a greater focus onto a particular subject. In this case, he wanted the viewer to be drawn towards the female, as he had done so in the likes of XXX, XXX, XXX and XXX.