Inspired by comic strips, the talented artist produced compositions that documented, but often in a slight tongue-in-cheek manner. It was only in his later years that he turned his attention towards sculptural work.

One of his most famous works is 'Drowning Girl' and 'Look Mickey', while Nurse no doubt holds the record for the highest auction price, and this in 2015! In fact, Roy Lichtenstein's work is actually a tribute to American woman, but particularly a gorgeous blonde woman, who is his obsession.

This is evident in some of his major paintings which have sold for $40 million and more. Girl with Tear and Drowning Girl are typical examples of these sought after images portraying his 'secret' blonde.

Studying at Ohio State University, one of his teachers, L. Sherman had a huge influence on his future work and a studio was even named after Sherman.

It was in 1961 that Lichtenstein started his first pop paintings, using cartoon images and in 1961 he produced 6 works with characters from gum wrappers and cartoons. He experimented with omnipresent pictures and images or characters from advertisements ad comics, clipping the images from comic books and magazines and transferring these drawings to canvas. He started becoming seriously famous even though he had many critics who criticised his work, saying it was just vulgar, meaningless and empty.

In the 1970s, he often drew upon Surrealist imagery, with a focus on the paintings of Dali and Picasso for instance. His Girl with Tears, an oil and Magna on canvas is the last of a 3-part sequence of paintings that Lichtenstein finished in 1977. With this painting, he makes a play on the pictorial idiom of Picasso and DalĂ­, deforming facial features of some of his comic-strip beauties from previous works.

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