Girl with Hair Ribbon, along with Drowning Girl, is considered as was of his best-known works, using oil and magna paint on canvas. The painting was done specifically during this time that he was working with comics exclusively.

It was also a time that Lichtenstein was painting close-ups of women, and Girl With Hair Ribbon comes from this time. The attractiveness of the woman's face as she looks out towards the viewer is intriguing as viewers want to know more about why the woman has a longing, wistful look on her face.

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As an American painter and sculptor, Roy Lichtenstein's early works leaned towards modernist paintings. It was in the 1960s that the artist was accused of simply copying his pictures from cartoons, often shocking viewers with the impact of popular culture.

It was at this time that Lichtenstein also produced 6 other works - all with familiar characters from cartoons as well as gum wrappers. In fact, he became well known as a Pop artist for paintings which came directly from comic books.

It was his work which introduced the start of the Pop art movement, and perhaps the end of the Abstract Expressionism era. He had his first show at the Castelli gallery in 1962, and to his delight, the entire collection was bought by influential collectors, even before the show opened.

The artist was born in 1923 and he became interested in art and design as a hobby, loving to draw portraits of musicians playing their instruments when he attended music concerts in Harlem.