Artist Lichtenstein again re-constituted an advertising poster for his own work. The hotel in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains features a bright, appealing scene which he immediately felt was ideal for a touch of Lichtenstein-ing.

The advertisement itself was in The New York Times, promoting Mount Airy Lodge.

As the photograph becomes simplified, it regains an element of innocence and neutrality. The Girl with Ball now feels more remote than the original artwork. It is intriguing to compare the before and after, all of the items remain where they were, but the balance and atmosphere of them are completely different.

This topic has been captured by more famous artists than you may have realised - Pablo Picasso created a Cubist work entitled Bather with Beach Ball which reflects his own summer holidays as a child and continues the atmosphere of fun incorporated by Lichtenstein.

The original photograph had a sickly-sweet feel to it which the artist felt was well suited for his makeover techniques. The cliche'd elements would produce a message of their own, aside from the original meaning of the poster.