George Washington was popular for his great leadership qualities and was generally known as a father and founder of the great America. Roy Lichtenstein's style is predominantly done in black and white and this portrait is evidence of this. The portrait is mostly done in different art techniques involving lines and dots but no evidence of use of a paint brush.

Pointillism is used in creation of George Washington's face, more so the front of the head and also at the back part that depicts a shadow. Pointillism is an art technique where by many dots are distinctly drawn or painted to form an image. The light and dark planes and angles of George Washington's Portrait are distinguished by the variation of colour and thickness of the dots.

Line, one of the elements of art is also distinctively and most used in forming of the portrait. It is lighter where the dots or lines are thinner and more dispersed, and darker when the thickness of the lines is denser and intricately closer together. Balance and contrast is brought out in the variations of the thickness, thinness, lengths and direction of the lines.

Roy uses elaborate, defined and straight lines especially in the framing of the portraits face which brings out the masculine nature of George Washington's face. Vertical and horizontal lines have been used to show direction as in the bridge of his nose or the collar of his garment. The planes of his face are also done in vertical lines and only slightly and gently curve towards the chin and up at the forehead, this can be translated to convey a sturdy or solid look as one depicted by the nature of the person in the portrait.

Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York in October 1923 and died in New York in the year 1997. As a child Roy spent a lot of his time on the things that intrigued him, mainly sketching and paying visits to the museum of American history.

He later went on to nature his interest in art at Parsons School of Design. Here he took art classes specialising in water colours. His Artistic capabilities were not limited to just art on canvas as he also started a jazz band while in High School.