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Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein Paintings

Roy Lichtenstein was a famous member of the 20th century Pop Art movement which included the likes of Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Jasper Johns

Contemporary art enjoyed a new star when this American artist came along with comic strip inspired art that helped to lift the Pop Art movement to new levels.

The clear lines and reduced palette were characteristics of several artists in this movement and also make their work clear and concise from any distance.

Contemporary art such as this is well suited to display in modern homes, more so than traditional art which was never really intended for this purpose.

Roy Lichtenstein paintings also held captions that helped add depth to each scene that the artist created, helping to provide some small suggestion of conversation to add interest to the relationships found in these works.

The use of typography helped to offer more opportunities to Lichtenstein in his paintings and he often chose to reflect society's realities through simple comments made by these glamorous people.

Lichtenstein loosely termed his style as Industrial painting in an attempt to avoid major mainstream movements which he prefered to avoid in order to preserve his own creative independance as an artist.

However Lichtenstein wanted to portray his innovative style that drew heavily on 20th century cartoons and advertisements, most simply placed him within the contemporary umbrella group of Pop artists which was an art movement that really gained momentum over time.

Influences on Lichtenstein included Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Jasper Johns. The artist was known to have taken a interest in, and inspiration from art movements like Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Happenings. These contemporary art movements cover a wide range of styles from the bright and bold artwork of Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse, to the abstraction of Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock and the innovation of Salvador Dali.

Roy Lichtenstein


Whaam provides a powerful punch, thrusting action into a two panel diptych. It uses a style of typography where lettering is styled to help portray the painting's message and theme.

The use of cartoon style art was very much the signature of Lichtenstein with the clear, simple shapes and colours also being typical of Pop Art in general.

The Whaam photograph included here is just the right hand of the artwork, with the other part featured further down the page. This famous Lichtenstein painting is on display at the Tate Modern in London, UK.

The explosion featured in this part of the painting comes from a captioned pilot, quoting in the piece with, "...I pressed the fire control... and ahead of me the rockets blazed through the sky..." The artist liked to leave a little ambiguity as to the messages in his work, and encourage the viewer to come up with their own theories.

Works like Whaam are known to have inspired the likes of Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

M-Maybe Roy Lichtenstein


Romantic theme in city setting, M-Maybe is typically Lichtenstein. The bold primary colours, clear lines and cartoon captions are there too, along with the selection of a glamorous woman as seen in various stages of his career.

The female here is vulnerable, it appears, out of control in her relationship, unsure where her lover is and unable to contact him. Lichtenstein often portrayed women as beautiful and glamorous, whilst struggling with their own love lifes as if in a romantic novel.

Again, ambiguity is delivered by the artist, encouraging the viewer to consider the story behind this painting, rather than being presented with it directly.

You will find similar scenes in famous art works like Ohhh Alright, Drowning Girl, Drowning Girl and Crying Girl.

Seductive Girl Roy Lichtenstein

Seductive Girl

Seductive Girl is another popular and glamorous work by Lichtenstein which features a saucy woman in a highly seductive pose.

Women were always represented by this artist in a complementary and flattering way, and this work is no different.

Seductive Girl came in 1996 and featured a return for the artist to the heroines found in his wor around the 1960s. The artist produced several nude paintings such as this in the years right up to his death in 1997. 1960s society would have treated such work differently had he released then.

Pop Art embraced the mass media, and this painting continues that perfectly, capturing a stunning beauty in a sultry, flirtatious pose.

This period in his life is seen as an important final chapter in an influential career, where he would spend his final years tackling themes that he was keenest to work upon before it was too late.

Drowning Girl Roy Lichtenstein

Drowning Girl

Drowning Girl is perhaps the best known of all paintings from Lichtenstein and continues his prefered method for creating contemporary portraits of glamorous women.

Drowning Girl also includes his characteristic caption that helps to tell a story which adds depth and interest to the painting.

The romantic feel to this work will appeal to many and the colour scheme is also typical in using key blocks from his consistent colour palette.

Whaam below is a set of two works which were displayed together in order to create a very wide painting that offer activity in the far left and right corners, with a plane firing missiles from one side, and then they explode on the other.

It is an animated and exciting piece which is also amongst his best known and differs from the usual in that there are no portraits included, though it continues his cartoon approach which became very much his hallmark.

Whaam Roy Lichtenstein



Ohhh Alright Roy Lichtenstein

Ohhh Alright

Ohhh Alright

Blam Roy Lichtenstein


Blam covers the Pop Art career of American artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Roy Lichtenstein paintings are great examples of modern art from the 20th century and Roy Lichtenstein is amongst the finest American artists of all time, producing a cartoon-style approach that helps his work to stand out from all others.

This website covers all of the artist's most famous paintings and also discusses in detail both his life and career.

There is a fuller list at the bottom of this page that covers most of Lichenstein's best paintings.

Roy Lichtenstein famously created a pop art style in his art which was highly unusual at that time and was characterised by simplifying close up portraits into blocks of colour that gave a highly contemporary finish.

The artist also commonly chose glamorous women as subjects for his portraits and this made his work particularly fashionable and popular and there are clear similarities with the career of Andy Warhol who also had exceptional illustration skills which he combined with simple blocks of bold colour.

M-Maybe shown above is another classic painting by Lichtenstein and you can buy a reproduction copy of it yourself from the links above that accompany the image.

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The bold and clear lines of colour used by Lichtenstein make them exceptionally contemporary in appearance and in most homes they would be more suitable than traditional art movements like Renaissance and Baroque.

Posters are particularly suited to this type of art and so they would be perfect for students, especially with posters normally being much more cost effective options than framed art prints or bulkier stretched canvases.

It ranks as one of the most frequently reproduced of all his works and typically is served best as a posters or giclee art print, the latter offering the most accurate reproduction of colour to the original.

Roy Lichtenstein spent much of his early career at Rutgers University before choosing to leave in 1964 in order to give his painting career as much attention as possible and try to build a reputation within the world of contemporary art that at the time included other greats like Andy Warhol and David Hockney.

Leaving the university was certainly the correct decision as the skilled artist went onto produce large numbers of crtically acclaimed which otherwise he may not have had the time to do.

List of Famous Roy Lichtenstein Paintings

Please see below for a summarised list of the best Lichtenstein paintings that are featured throughout this website.

  • Girl With Hair Ribbon
  • Drowning Girl
  • Whaam!
  • Blam
  • M-Maybe
  • Kiss V
  • Seductive Girl
  • Ohhh... Alright...
  • Thinking of Him
  • Still Life with Crystal Bowl Peace Through Chemistry
  • Girl with Ball
  • In the Car
  • Spray
  • Landscape with Figures
  • Cloud and Sea
  • Reflection in Miror
  • Big Painting No. 6
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